Best Troops For Clan Castle War

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Best troops for clan Castle War ::  Everyone knows that wizards are one of the best troops in clash of clans especially in Clan Castle, for me they are not The best. In my opinion, the best troop for Clan Castle which we can donate is archers. Let me give you several reasons for this opinion.
Best troops for clan Castle War :: Archer troops.

Archers can shoot over walls and provide a great distraction if they are defending from behind walls. In this cause the enemy troops which want to kill archer need to break through the wall first. Of course Archers also have both of two hit advantage which are air and ground attack. So they can shoot down air troops, which also distract the air enemy attack really effective. 

Archers only need small housing space in the barrack. By this reason I believe that they beat wizards, you can have more archers in one clan castle than wizards. Usually we might think that ” wizards have a higher attack and do splash damage.” Well of course wizard is the best for splash damage, no one arguing about that”
Archer could targeted all enemy troops at once. In this case the clash of clans player can use this ability to pack a ton of archers in one clan castle. In fact, when the enemy attacking troops see the archer, they will try to kill it as fast as they can. Indeed the archer doesn’t have a chance and does not have time to attack back; she will be killed.
Best troops for clan Castle War By this fact of course the attacker need more time to kill every single archer, kill again and switch the another one. So this point is archer become one of the best distraction in your Base in Clash of Clans. Because of the enemy troops attack at once, it doesn’t matter if the archer has 50 hit points, 500 hit points or 5 hit points. 
 clan Castle War
Best troops for clan Castle War

Archers are cheap, easy, and fast to make. This reason will make your clanmates happy with this because when donating them they only need less elixir than the other troops. For example when we donate wizard in Clan Castle, we need at least 15000 elixirs to make it full for CC level 3-4. But when we use these archers we only spend 1000 elixirs.

Best troops for clan Castle War which also good troop to be donate is Valkyrie. There are some arguments but most of them same as archers:

Best troops for clan Castle War :: Valkyrie 

Valkyrie has splash damage. After the latest update from Supercell, this Valkyrie attack by run into a group of troops, their high attack and splash damage can be make huge damage to the attacker troops in maybe one single attack. 

valkyrie  clan castle
Best troops for clan Castle War

Valkyrie also has low housing space which is 8 housing space in the army camp. Don’t compare it with the archers or wizard because it different each other. By 8 housing space it still gives room for more troops or another Valkyrie in Clan Castle war.

Best troops for clan Castle War  :: Another great troop to donate in your clan castle is minions. In fact maybe become the best troop according this article which is from the Valkyries and archers. The reasons are below

Best troops for clan Castle War Minion. By this reason the opponent troopers which can attack this minion only by archers, wizards, dragons. Of course this minion will reduce the attacker time. Minion only need low housing space. By using this troop in your Clan Castle war will be very helpful to help your defensive structure.
Best troops for clan Castle War :: some of the players always use this dragons. Indeed according to the fact in Clash of Clans, High DPS, HP life, flying, and using splash damage.  So when your Clan at war session, you can ask to your clanmate the troops which are mentioned above. For myself, i usually ask, minions, valkyries, archers, wizards or dragons
Best troops for clan Castle War conclusion are: the best clan castle war troops are minion, archer, wizard, or dragon. Thanks for coming and reading this article, feel free to comment.