Best Title For AUG Pointblank

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Best Title For AUG Pointblank or Project Blackout game is one genre of FPS games that are famous in Indonesia. Games that are managed by the gemscool this is one game that is played a lot of good people, children, teenagers, and even adults. Before we play this game pointblank we should know the ins and outs of the play.

Best Title For AUG Pointblank :: Game Pointblank or more well known in the world as Project Blackout is a native of the Korean games are in development by PT Kreon Korea. It is very pleasant glimpse of the author playing the game. Well this article the author wants to discuss matters related to this Pointblank game. Like what his review please read the article below.

Best Title For AUG Pointblank :: Use of Major title usually many use exacting, because of advantages can make us speed up reloading. But often we see some major prizes up not using beretnya. Then why yah’ve got it hard and long but not in use? Before answering the above questions we need to know what the intent is in the title, such as the words: Damage Range, Weapon Reaction, First Shot, Fire Speed, Moving Speed, Accuracy. Well if not please check the following link address in order to more clearly understand all meant.

Best Title For AUG Pointblank :: Some Tropers rank of Major and above not use Tittle Beret beret because it besides giving many advantages, it also has a huge minus value, for example: Beret in Rowdy Assault Beast will reduce Range Damage Beret Level 4. Sniper Assassin Still will reduce Fire Speed ​​Level 4. Beret Shoting Star will reduce the Moving Speed ​​Level Level 2. Nimble Sneaker Beret SMG will reduce Reaction Weapon Level 4. At the end, Shotgun Beret Supreme Buster will reduce the accuracy of Level 3. very confusing right? So many do not use it.

AUG Project Blackout
Best Title For AUG Pointblank

Best Title For AUG Pointblank :: Usually those who held the rank of Major and above Tropers who do not like the effects of Tittle Beret Minus will use a maximum of Captain Tittle which has the effect of not too big minus, as Commander Assault Weapon Reaction will add Level 3, reducing the Range Damage Level 2. Then Sniper Commander will add Range Damage level 3 and level 2 reduces the Speed ​​Fire Next Shot Accuracy Commander will add level 2 and reduce the Moving Speed ​​level 1. assail Fire Commander will add speed and reduce level 3 Weapon Reaction level 2. Finally Blow Commander will add First Shot level 2, level 1 reduces accuracy.

Best Title For AUG Pointblank

Best Title For AUG Pointblank :: Here Tittle Tittle Non-Beret that can be used according to the analysis, and based on the current practice of playing the game Point Blank with Beret Non AUG rifle

A description of the image, ie Tropers Use Specialist Moving Agility +2, +1 Damage reduces Fall Down. Assault Comannder: Reaction Weapon +3, -2 Damage Range. Top Sniper: Damage Range +2, Speed ​​Fire -1.

Calculations Tittle: Reaction Weapon +3.

Damage Range +/- normal. Fire Speed ​​-1. Note: Reaction Weapon +3 reduces vibration cross hair gun during firing. Range Damage +2 in life changing effects of Weapon Reaction minus. Fire speed -1 is not a big impact because of the large AUG sprayed bullets

That was a title that can be used as reference for the consideration of weapons AUG and versions. there is also  possibility for added or replaced with another title, but in the game if the author uses title above make it quite comfortable AUG weapons and increases in the number of kills. Pic No. Just Hoak, let’s check the pictur

Hopefully this Best Title For AUG Pointblank article useful for friends Point Blanker all, if they are lucky and being a mate then we will be able to play together in the game Point Blanker. Overview writers simply lovers Point blank alone, not to teach or master, the pros of this game. The above article is one of the author’s experiences in the share for consideration only.