BAM Attacking Clash Of Clans Strategy

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BAM attacking Clash of clans strategy or we called from abbreviation Barbarians, Archers, Minions is one of the cheapest combination troops ever in Clash of clans games. In this following article we will discuss about attacking base by using Barbarians, Archers, Minions troops. What should we do with this BAM attacking Clash of clans, here we go.
BAM attacking Clash of clans strategy will be successful if we use this pattern, firstly send the some barbarians but not all of it, followed by Archers, then some of wall breakers, Heroes if you have it. The rest of troops are used based on the same pattern and use the minion to complete it. Let’s check steps by steps how to attack in this strategy

BAM Attacking Clash of Clans

One thing you should do first is Find out the Castle Clans and Lure out Castle Troops (Once ALL troops are lured out to a corner, terminate it with Lightning Spell if necessary, otherwise use barbarians and archers).

BAM attacking Clash of clans strategy :: Choose and decided where the spot to begin your attack, if it has done just use one archer each every building at the corners of the enemy base which you raid. Of course there is a goal for that strategy which is to prevent the next deployed army getting away from the direction we settled it. Deploy the Barbarians to clear the all entire building outside wall of the enemy base like the corner which we use firstly. After Barbarians followed by archers to ensure the surrounded buildings has burn to the ground.
BAM attacking Clash of clans strategy can be change or modified by adding the Giants to protect the BAM troops. In order to give tank just deploy your giants one by one to protect your barbarians, archers, and minions before the first steps. Of course minion only used after the air defense collapsed. Send your all remains troops include the Heroes “barbarian king and Archer Queen” to ensure the strategy goes well. But sometime I used it to tank my BAM troops to get more quickly into the deeper enemy base attacks.
barbarian archer minion attacking Clash of clans strategy
Barbarian Archer Minion Attack COC
BAM attacking Clash of clans strategy can be successful if you are adding some extra help like lightning spell, rage spell because it will boost and enlarge the life of your troops. Time to use this spell based on your troops itself like when it just getting attacked and low life put your healing spell to add its life. Drop your rage spell when your troops reached the loot of your enemy base. Don’t drop it so quickly because it will waste of your spell function which is to make your troops more quickly three times before use it.
BAM attacking Clash of clans strategy Note

1 Town Hall Lower (if attempting to reach center of base or 100%)
TH9 should attack TH8
TH8 should attack TH7
TH7 should attack TH6

Army Composition (200 Spaces):
61 Barbarians
60 Archers
20 Minions
5 Giants
7 Wall Breakers
Heroes (If Available, Level 5 Preferred for Special Abilities)
Spell Factory (Not Necessary, But Preferred):
1 Lightning Spell (To Eliminate Castle Troops)

BAM attack Strategy Clash of Clans over there is just for guidance only. You can do and mix anything about this Barbarian Archer Minions attacking strategy based on your knowledge and your need. Hopefully this strategy help you to be succeed in COC game. Read also Dragloonion Clash of clans attack strategy