X-Fighting Game Review

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X-fighting games is a new arcade games 2014 from Yihya developer which use 2D graphic. X-fighting game can be found in both android and iOS platform. In fact when the campuradukloh see the google playstore this x-fighting game is very popular which is more than 1 million downloaded by the player. 

X-fighting game first seen by the author little bit not convincing because only looked on the pictures and not only from the video trailer, after seeing the trailer the author really undoubted about this game really excited.

X-fighting games is very easy to play because of its features and system which is automatically. Begin from agains the monster and PVP. In this X-fighting games player will play with a lot of heroes which are contain exactly 500 heroes. X-fighting games player need tobe a clever player when you pick a heroes and the skill combination on it   

x-Fighting game really enjoyable to play it and for the author just looking around about the characters which is provided in this game like Brucee Lee until Osama Bin ladin make me feel excited.

X-fighting graphic is not so bad and eyecaching with a colorized and contrast really awesome. This x-fighting game gameplay is really simple, just find and choose the character which you like (of course its will get a combination too) so please choose it wisely. The fighting mode is really automatically which is both of our heroes and opponent move independently, weird but funny.

X-fighting game will be more fun if we play it online with our friends because there is a feature that we can borrow or help our friend or we need back up by using our friend heroes, really nice feature i guess.

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X-fighting game Features
  • COOL COMBOS AND CLEVER STRATEGIES. Create hundreds of ever-changing combos and strategies to conquer your enemies!
  • POPULAR FIGHTERS WITH UNIQUE SKILLS. Popular fighters like Naruto and Bruce Lee will battle for you, and they will fight for your glory!
  • ENDLESS REPLAY OPTIONS. Experience the endless possibilities in endless replay modes!

  • CHALLENGE FRIENDS AND STRANGERS.No matter who you are, we will become rivals when we stand in the arena!
  • PETS CUSTOMIZATION. Special pets can be customized by yourself! Let’s exert your imagination!
  • GREAT GRAPHIC AND GAMEPLAY. Experience epic battles in fantastic graphics! Witness the dazzling display of each Fighter’s unique skills!

X-fighting game in conclusion is a very enjoyable game to play, kill the times, and loots of feature especially the “borrow” feature make really fun to play it. This x-fighting game is absolutely you must play it.